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JEC Acquires New I-Clickers for Educational Use

Devices purchased by the Judicial Education Center to promote educational interaction and feedback.

In September 2014, the NM Judicial Education Center purchased 100 new i-clickers for use throughout JEC's educational programs for judges and staff. I-clickers are user-friendly handheld devices that enable instructors and students to interact dynamically. Instructors ask questions at any time, students answer anonymously by clicking a button on their individual device, and the results are tabulated and displayed in graph form for instant assessment and feedback.

JEC has used borrowed i-clickers in past programs, most notably in the March 2014 New Municipal Judges Orientation, and has found them to be highly successful in promoting active engagement and learning. Now with its own 100 devices, JEC plans to use i-clickers in all annual and specialty conferences for judges and staff, starting with the November/December 2014 New Magistrate Judges Orientation and the December 2014 Magistrate Judges Conference.

JEC Senior Attorney Laura Bassein was instrumental in leading this new educational initiative.