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About JEC


Officially named the Rozier E. Sanchez Judicial Education Center of New Mexico (JEC), JEC was established under a federal grant from the State Justice Institute in December1991 to provide education and training to the judges, administrators and other staff of the New Mexico judicial branch. In 1993, the New Mexico Legislature formally established JEC within the Institute of Public Law at the UNM School of Law, and provided state funding for its operation.

Meet our staff


The mission of the Judicial Education Center (JEC) is to enhance the quality of justice by providing education, training and resources for the professional development of the New Mexico Judicial Branch.


JEC aspires to offer the highest quality judicial education, training, and resources through innovative curriculums, instructional methods, evaluations and outreach programs, with the purpose of increasing the knowledge and skills of judges and court staff to best serve the people of New Mexico.

How We Are Funded

JEC is funded by contracts and grants, a legislative appropriation, as well as a Judicial Education Fee, which is a $3 fee collected by the courts on certain case types.