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Earning and Reporting CJEs

How to earn and report Continuing Judicial Education credits in New Mexico.

Three ways to earn CJEs

1.  Attend any of the following judicial education programs.


2.  View recordings of:

  • Annual trainings - Because annual trainings are required, judges will need to follow the Excusal Procedures to be excused from a required annual training and access the recordings.
  • New Judges Orientation - This is a requirement for newly appointed judges to be certified to sit on the bench.  Request a recording.


3.  Prepare and present at educational programs in cooperation with the AOC and the JEC

Submitting CJEs

You are responsible for submitting CJE reports to JEC for annual trainings and any other approved training that you attended.

You are also responsible for verifying that you have earned the minimum required credits for the year.  If you attended or viewed your annual training, then you have probably satisfied the requirements.  You can request a transcript to verify credits earned.

JEC tracks and then reports credit hours to the AOC on or before December 31st of each year.  The AOC then certifies whether or not you have completed your required hours of approved continuing education programs.