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Recently Updated Manuals & Advisory Opinions


Judge may write article for national magazine on gay rights

Last Updated: January 2009

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Workbook for Judges and Journalists

Initiating and Maintaining a Constructive Dialogue

Last Updated: January 2009

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Public Health Law Handbook

New Mexico Civil Proceedings Involving State Public Health Powers

Last Updated: December 2008

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Judge advised not to present at educational program limited to defense bar

Last Updated: September 2008

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Appellate judge may hire law clerk serving on county planning commission and hear cases from county, subject to limitations

Last Updated: July 2008

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Judge may not donate services for charity fundraisers where his identity is known (superseded by Advisory Opinion 12-02)

Last Updated: May 2008

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Sexual Assault Benchbook

The New Mexico Sexual Assault Benchbook is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource guide for trial courts in handling sexual penetration and sexual contact crimes.

Last Updated: March 2008

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