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Training Requirements in New Mexico

The NM Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) continuing education compliance requirements for judges.

Annual Trainings

You are required to attend the annual training conducted by JEC for your specific jurisdiction each year.  If you cannot attend your annual training, please follow the Excusal Procedures.

Minimum CJE Requirements by Jurisdiction

Important! Of the minimum CJE requirements listed below, at least one CJE credit hour must be earned in Ethics.

Jurisdiction Minimum Credits
Domestic Relations Hearing Officers 6
Domestic Violence Commissioners 6
Magistrate Judges 12
Magistrate Judges Pro Tempore
Municipal Judges 12
Probate Judges 6

If your jurisdiction is not listed, then you are not required to earn CJEs in New Mexico.

Failure to Satisfy Annual CJE Minimum Requirements

Please review how to earn and report CJEs to ensure that you satisfy your annual requirements.  If, however, you have not earned the required number of CJEs in a year, you will need to:

  1. Submit to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) a specific plan for earning the missing credits that includes:
    • Name(s) and location(s) of approved educational programs
    • Number of credits that will be earned
    • Date(s) that credits will be earned
  2. Earn the missing credits within 90 days after your plan is approved

Pro Tems Only: If you did not satisfy the requirements the previous year, then the AOC will no longer allow you to serve as a pro tem.

CJE Requirements Document from the Administrative Office of the Courts