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I. DV-Immigration Resources Overview

I. DV-Immigration Resources Overview

A.  General Introduction to the Resources:

The resources materials on this webpage are intended for New Mexico Judges and Court Personnel and address the intersection of domestic violence and immigration.  Immigrant DV victims face unique barriers and challenges accessing state the courts and there are unique remedies and protections for immigrant victims of domestic violence.

B. Grant and Project:

These resource materials were developed, collected, and organized through a federal Justice for Families grant.  The New Mexico Judicial Education Center thanks Enlace Comunitario, the federal Justice for Families grant recipient with which JEC contracted to provide educational opportunities and resources for judges and other court personnel in matters involving domestic violence and immigrant litigants.

The JEC programs and resources produced under the Grant include production of 7 one hour-long webinars, a two day in-person conference, and resource materials produced pursuant to the Grant, including this webpage.

C. Website Resources:

The resources on this website come from a variety of sources, including from the JEC produced webcasts, video and materials from the in-person conference, resources developed by JEC, resources adapted from existing materials from other entities, and resource materials created by other entities.

This project was supported by Justice for Families Grant No. 2015-FJ-AX-0013 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this program are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

DV-Immigration Resources Sections/Pages:

II. New Mexico Specific Resources - This section/page provides New Mexico specific Guides and a video clip from the in-person conference discussing New Mexico Diversity.

III. Access to Justice/Procedural Fairness - This section/page provides resources pertaining to access to justice and procedural fairness.

IV. Cultural responsiveness - This section/page provides resources pertaining to Cultural responsiveness.

V. Language Access - This section/page provides resources pertaining to language access.

VI. DV-Immigration Dynamics: Abuse, Power & Control - This section/page provides resources pertaining to the dynamic intersection of DV-Immigration cases including information regarding abuse, power & control.

VII. Immigration Status & Myths - This section/page provides resources pertaining to Immigration status & myths regarding jurisdiction and custody.

VIII. Overview of Immigrant Protections & ReliefThis section/page provides resources pertaining to immigration protections, relief, and remedies

IX. Public Benefits - This section/page provides resources pertaining to public benefits available to immigrant DV victims.

X. State Court Actions: U-Visas & T-Visas - This section/page focuses on two types of immigrant protection and relief: U-Visa & T-Visas certification.

XI. State Court Actions: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status - This section/page focuses on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS).

XII.  Civil Protection Orders - This section/page provides information on drafting jurisdictionally sound Protection orders.

XIII. Additional Information: Websites & Documents - This section/page provides links to DV-Immigration websites and additional documents.