Exercise 11

Property Left on Premises by Tenant

Landlord Tenant Exercise 11Jeff vacated his rental unit because his year lease expired. He left some boxes of belongings and some clothing in a closet in the apartment. His landlord, Tito, didn’t know Jeff ’s new contact information and put the boxes and clothing in his storage unit. After three days, Tito looked in the boxes and determined that they contained just papers and old books and magazines of minimal value, so he threw everything away. Five days later, Jeff called Tito and told him he had forgotten the boxes in the closet and wanted to pick them up. When Jeff learned that Tito had discarded his boxes and clothing, he filed suit against Tito for damages. Tito said that he had kept the boxes for three days, as required.

How should the judge rule?

A. For Tito, because he stored the boxes for three days before disposing of them.
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B. For Jeff, because Tito improperly disposed of his belongings.
The correct answer is B. Because Jeff voluntarily vacated the premises, Tito was required to store his belongings for at least fourteen days. Since Tito did not store the belongings for the required amount of time, he should pay Jeff damages in the amount of the cost of his discarded belongings.