Exercise 1

Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act

Landlord Tenant Exercise 1Ginny Jeffers files suit against her landlord, Ralph Rancho, because Ralph has ignored her written requests to repair leaky pipes in the rented apartment, and the water damaged some of her belongings. Ralph says that a clause in Ginny’s written rental agreement specifically states that she cannot bring suit against him for failure to make repairs, and therefore the suit should be dismissed.

Should the judge dismiss the case because of the clause in the rental agreement?

A. No, the clause violates the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act.
Yes, the correct answer is A. Under the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act, no rental agreement may include a provision in which the resident or owner agrees to waive or give up rights or remedies under law. §47-8-16.
B. Yes, Ginny agreed to the clause, and it should therefore be applied to this case.
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