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Travel Funding to JEC Programs

Travel reimbursement for some of our in-person educational programs for members of the New Mexico judiciary

What We Fund

We do our best to sponsor travel to our programs when we can; however, depending on the program you are attending we may pay all, some, or none of the expenses listed below.  The reimbursement policy varies from program to program due to a variety of factors, the most important being resource constraints.

  • Lodging:  per diem or direct bill
  • Meals:  full and/or partial per diem
  • Mileage: when driving personal vehicle over 30 miles one-way.  Map mileage used.

Who We Reimburse

We reimburse the traveler only.  We do not reimburse any outside entities or third parties.  For example, if your city or court provided you an advance for travel, we will not reimburse the city or court after travel is complete.

Your Program’s Travel Policy

For specific funding details, please refer to the registration website of the program you will be attending.  You can access the registration website through our upcoming events calendar.

No travel policy mentioned?

Then we are not offering travel funding for that program.