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Funding Policy

Travel funding policy to attend a program not offered by JEC

JEC will only provide reimbursement of approved travel expenses after travel is complete.  JEC will pay limited expenses directly to vendor for travel to the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada.


You may apply for funding if you meet all of the following criteria.

  • You are an employee of the New Mexico courts (staff and judges) or the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC), who is in good standing.
  • You need travel funding to attend an educational program that directly relates to your job within the judiciary.
  • The program is not provided by JEC.
  • You are able to front all expenses until the program is complete.  Travel advances are not available.

Restrictions to Travel Funding

Please note that we do not fund travel:

  • To business and professional association meetings that have minimal educational content.
  • For judges or court staff who are required to attend a particular training due to disciplinary action.

Funding Priority

Priority Goes to...

Applicants who:

  • Have never received JEC travel funding to travel to a non-JEC program; or
  • Have not received JEC travel funding in at least four (4) years to travel to a non-JEC program.


Programs that:

  • Are developed specifically for new judges;
  • Develop skills and knowledge that are important to the state judiciary; or
  • Will help establish regional and national collaborations with colleagues.

New Judges

JEC funds travel for new judges to attend the National Judicial College’s new judge training once the new judge has:

  1. Sat on the bench for at least six months; and
  2. Has at least one more year on the bench after the program is complete before the next contested election.

Funding Amount

Individual funding depends on our budget and the number of applicants.  Sometimes we can fully fund travel and sometimes we can only partially fund travel.

If your request is approved, we will contact you with the details of what we can fund and the reimbursement process.

Our reimbursement policy lists all reimbursable expenses.


We require a written notification of your cancellation if travel has already been arranged.  Contact information is below.


For any questions about the funding policy and application process, please contact:
Laura Bassein at (505) 277-1083 or via email at .