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Faculty Development Seminar

JEC's Faculty Development Seminar provided a practical approach to teaching adult learners

JEC took a new and improved approach to our Faculty Development Seminar this year by shifting away from the theoretical and striving to provide practical guidance on presenting.  In an effort to provide the practical, we focused on the “nuts and bolts” of designing, developing, preparing, and presenting a topic for a JEC educational program.

Tony and Marian led several hands-on and group discussion activities, such as making paper airplanes to practice effective communication; using a basic waffle recipe to understand the importance of knowing your audience; and developing group and individual presentations using our topic template to effectively create a focused presentation.

The result is that JEC received a 100% approval rating from our participants and facilitators along with wonderful feedback such as, "Best class I have attended, it should be a must for all presenters that do not do this on a frequent basis," which we were thrilled about and will use as motivation to replicate similar results in future programs.  Of course, there were lessons learned, as there are in any endeavor, and we use those lessons to work on improving all of our programs.

As always, the participants, facilitators, and presenters were the true reason that the program was a success.

As always, the participants, facilitators, and presenters were the true reason that the program was a success. This relatively small group of 30 created an open and safe learning environment by engaging in lively discussions, sharing experiences and insights, and asking questions. In addition, the judges and court staff, representing various New Mexico state and municipal courts, were a mix of seasoned and new presenters and this, as well, contributed to the learning experience.

2011 Faculty Development Q & AJEC plans to offer this seminar annually. We look forward to increasing our already wonderful pool of faculty, so we hope that when we send you an invitation in the future you will be able to join us.

In the meantime, check out our Faculty Resource Page.

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