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Revenue and expenses for fiscal year 2011.


Revenue & Expenses

Between fiscal years (FY) 2010 and 2011:

  • General Fund (GEN) fee revenue and expenses increased by 14% and 35%, respectively.*
  • Municipal Fund (MUN) fee revenue and expenses decreased by 2.3% and 16.7%, respectively.*
  • General Appropriations (GA) revenue was cut by 25% in FY 2011 and expenses increased by 25%.  During the 2011 legislative session GA revenue was cut by 100% beginning in FY 2012.
  • Total revenue and expenses increased by 4.2% and 13.9%, respectively.

*The expense increase and decrease in GEN and MUN, respectively, are largely due to new judge orientations.  In 2010 we offered a new municipal judge orientation and this year we offered a new magistrate judge orientation.  New judge orientation years typically show an increase in expenses.

FY11 Revenues Chart FY11 Expenses Chart

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Non-JEC Programs & Projects

We also provided partial funding for other judicial education programs and projects in the state.  These included:

Travel FundingFY11 Trip Distribution

Each year we set aside funding for members of the New Mexico judiciary to attend educational programs not offered by JEC.

Here are some quick stats.

  • 54 funding requests received
  • 54 funding requests approved
  • 6 cancellations
  • 48 trips funded

Of these requests, 6 judges attend the National Judicial College's new judge trainings:

  • 3 magistrate judges attended the Special Court Jurisdiction course.
  • 3 district judges attended the General Jurisdiction course.

In spite of the large number of requests we received, the requests dropped by 20% compared to FY 2010.

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